Turtle Island Monument

Civic + Public, Berkeley, California

As part of a larger effort undertaken by the City of Berkeley, California to renovate the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in downtown Berkeley, this project is designed to honor and recognize Native American history commemorating the end of 500 years of resistance and the beginning of 500 years of rebuilding.

The Turtle Island Monument is an unprecedented, multi-visionary approach to the making of a public art monument. The Monument consists of four turtles placed on the true north, south, east and west axis, mounted in the lower pool of an existing historical fountain, and eight medallions incorporated into the surrounding plaza surface. Eight contemporary Native American artists each designed a 3-ft. diameter stone medallion to commemorate his or her own people. The four large Loggerhead turtles I sculpted weigh nearly 200 pounds each and are 46 inches in length. This project is on hold. Actual installation of the project is forthcoming and will take place when the City of Berkeley renovates the entire Park. Currently the turtles are on display and available for viewing in Berkeley City Hall.

Artists: Scott Parsons; Harley L. Zephier Wambli Hoksila – Dakota – Mdewakanton & Lakota – Mnicoujou; Mateo Romero – Cochiti Pueblo; Linda Yamane – Ohlone; Ramon Murillo – Shoshone-Bannock; David Jones – Choctaw/Delaware; Ruth Taylor – Ojibwa

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